Only Hope

As Hell Retreats

Compositor: As Hell Retreats / Jackson Greene

You coward! you try to rid yourself from this life!
With all the bitterness you had for this world,
I know you had a heart of gold like you use to have

What have i done? i never showed care for my son.
This is the consequence for my negligence.

…i can only hope you use it well on the other side.
But i will keep hoping you do not pass.
So that it can be shared, so that your heart can be shared.

I keep asking why you're still in pain
If you wear the scars of my mistakes.
Oh, but i was wrong to throw you past my walls
And wound you deeper still for questioning your faith.
But no man's doubts could ever change the truth
And now i see how much you need to be in her arms forever
I can only hope you wake up from this sleep so you can
Be the angel she would want you to be
Whether it's here or up there.
We can only hope!

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